Kenny Mason – Nightmare On Dill Street Lyrics

Kenny Mason – Nightmare On Dill Street Lyrics 

[Verse 1]

Locks in my face swing

Locked in my daydream

Thoughts in my brain think, sharp like I can’t sing

Fuck dese niggas up when I drop nigga, Tay Keith

Fucked her in a truck, parked subtle in da cut

Y’all huddling fa what? Buddy lyin’ to ya face see

I already know he won’t slide cause he can’t swing

I already know it’s my time but you can let me know

I already won but you can tell ’em dat you let me bro

Gotta stay professional, gotta pay me extra though

Gotta bring some extra folks, got ’em stayin’ extra close

Fuckk dat being friendly, niggas done almost killed me

Watch yo blood spilling, den you’ll probably feel me…

My dog was in da field

When he talk I hear pills speak

When he talkin’ dat grilled cheese

He don’t gotta convince me

Had a talk wit da lil me

Told me go on a kill streak, if niggas still sleep

Den it’s a Nightmare on Dill Street



[Verse 2]

Don’t call me no new Kendrick I’m tryna outdo Kendrick

All legends I respect, but challenges I accept

I’m practicing I ain’t slept, except when you play yo EP, yep

I’m SLE EP step I bet he get slept…

Never needed disguises, yes it’s me in da sky

I had to visualize it just to bring it to life

I had some sexy lil dimes request to be in the live

I’m destined to be da best but I’m blessed wit being alive

All facts…


Real doggy rap, niggas in da mall wit dat

Slatlanta party pack, rap scammer starter pack, all of my guys part of dat

Now it feel like I got a Marty McFly almanac…

I can see da bitch in you and all yo niggas too

But I ain’t da type to snitch on you, jus kno I’m in da loop

My confidence non-intentional, but shit dat I been thru

Make me feel like I’m invincible ‘specially if it’s just you

‘specially if its the truth

The pudding was in the proof

The pussy a lil loose

But fuck it lil shawty cool

I fucked her and bought us food from publics

And got a room, discovered her body grooves

The public was not in tune

Damn shawty dropped that ass on me with no pants

If my man fronted thought that gram


(fades out)

Kenny Mason – Nightmare On Dill Street Lyrics

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