Slim Thug – Wishing On A Star Lyrics Feat Killa Kyleon

Slim Thug – Wishing On A Star Lyrics Feat Killa Kyleon 

[Slim Thug (Rose Royce):]



(To follow where you are)

(Goddamn, Sam)

Me and Kill Bill in here, you know what the deal, mane

We havin’ thangs

(I’m wishin’ on a star)


[Slim Thug:]

Wishin’ on a star

I wish I had a bad bitch sittin’ in my car

We was day one, sippin’ on [?]

Never knew one day, I’d be ridin’ double law, uh

Big dreams, wish I had a whole lot of things

But God first and hard work bought me everything

Why not be a king? Tired of bein’ broke, petty

I want blue faces fallin’ out the sky like confetti

Money heist, me and Killa ’bout to kill ’em twice

Them niggas nice, but we been “them niggas” they whole life

Yeah, I’m a vet, you can bet

I can afford to retire, you niggas is check-to-check

Sweatin’ hard, that Corona got you shook

Gotta give that Rolls truck back if you can’t get booked

Gas guns got me cooked with my mate at my real estate

Twenty-one years straight and still ain’t take a break


[Killa Kyleon:]


You know the vibe for the summer

Since the winter, been stackin’ them commas

Wanna ball, so the trap doin’ numbers

Keep a pole with that pack for the drummer

Hustle hard like a nigga ain’t ate

Turkey leg, tell ’em fix me a plate

Tryna get me a Urus to skate

If you grindin’, I know you relate

Like a rose, yeah, I came out the garden

Off of weed, where we had it the hardest

Came from nothin’, I played it the smartest

Niggas know I’ma get it regardless

On the Nawf, where them niggas retarded

Had to go to the South just to dodge it

Uncle puttin’ them bricks on the market

Duckin’ laws, yeah, I can’t be a target

Pretty bitch in the drop with a vibe

[?], then put it in drive

It’s a blessin’ just bein’ alive

Thankin’ God He let me survive

Drinkin’ [?] while I swallow my pride

Scooped your bitch like she Uber’d a ride

Send her home, then it’s back to the money

Countin’ blues while I’m doin’ a Live

Bill! (Bill!, Bill!, Bill!)

Slim Thug – Wishing On A Star Lyrics Feat Killa Kyleon 

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